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Mir - Fractal City

Form 2 - Form Galaxy II

Form 2 - OBJ logo demo

3D Particular Cloud v2 - fractal noise version

3D Particular Cloud

3D Psuedo-volumetric Fractal Cloud

Trapcode Form - Form Galaxies1

Trapcode Form - Cloudscape 1

Particular Shadow Mapping Demo 2

Particular 2 - 1st test

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Setting up Screamernet OS X for Lightwave 10


Third Party Resources & Links

There's a wealth of knowledge available for After Effects and other Apps I use. I highly recommend watching some of the fantastic video tutorials at and Video Copilot sell some really good royalty-free stock elements too - many of which I've bought and use regularly. They also sell the awesomely useful Twitch plugin for AE.

For royalty-free music, my favourite site is - which offers a great selection of tracks at incredibly reasonable rates. The owner and many of the artists on there have their roots in the Amiga demo scene as well, which is no bad thing. AMIGA - never forgotten! :)

Also, I have a meetup with Lightwave (and other related VFX apps) people in Soho every month or two. The website for it is: There's a facebook group for it as well - here.