Greenscreen Shoot @ Millennium Studios, March 2010.

Mmmm.. we'll remove the wires in post.

RED camera, fitted with Primes.


Digital Production

The cost and time benefits of working with modern Digital Aquisition formats has made them the default choice for production. But working with these many different and sometimes incompatible formats can cause real headaches if not managed properly. We have extensive experience in this area and have a proven workflow that enables us to achieve fast turnarounds on complex post-heavy projects; Shoot, Edit, Conform, FX, Grade and Output.

RED is a popular format and we have a great pipeline for working with it here, using a combination of Final Cut Pro and After Effects, combined with tools like Automatic Duck and custom macro scripts developed in-house. We use Red Giant Color Correction and Grading tools to create captivating and stylish looks for our output. And with native 64bit support now standard on all the key applications in our pipeline, we have a 4K workflow of exceptional flexibility and remarkable cost-effectiveness.

Visual Effects

With over a decade of experience in the VFX industry, we can produce eye-popping digital special effects shots for any medium. With a strong focus on After Effects, bolstered by an array of powerful plugins, we create blockbuster visuals without costing you the earth - unless blowing up the Earth is an effect you want to create!

Keying and compositing are a core competancy, and we've produced dozens of high-end projects in this field - from Music Videos, to TV Shows and Features. The expansion of our 4K pipeline is an exciting part of the work we do and is moving our capabilities and reach ever-higher.

Motion Graphics

With a comprehensive array of powerful software tools - combined with more than a little artistic flair! - we craft beautiful moving graphics in both 2D and 3D. From Title Sequences and branding idents, to standalone animations and informational graphics, we'll sear some eyeballs on your behalf!