Fujiya & Miyagi
Dir. Wade Shotter, July 2008

Visual Effect design: Dan Sollis
Operators: Dan Sollis & Fernando Reginato

Production Company: Draw Pictures

This was a complex edit that became a seriously complex beast of an FX job in post. The edit was created in FCP by Tom Lindsay at Trim. After exporting the edit we brought it into After Effects using Automatic Duck. This gave us a time-correct AE project, though the combination of dozens of video layers in FCP combined with many looping cuts meant that the AE project was enormously complex with more than a thousand layers. I'd already created a pre-built effect to use for the slide wipes, this was was modified for individual shots to create a sense of organic uniqueness. We had to rework the layer movement pretty much from scratch to give it that "hand held projector" feel - also adding blurs and colour and brightness shifts. Colourisation of the studio footage - replacing the green with custom colours - was done using The Foundry's Keylight along with some other effects linked by expressions. Once the elements were all finished, the whole video was fed through a master grade created using Magic Bullet Looks and some expression-generated telecine judder.

Example: raw edit shot

Finished shot