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With over 20 years of experience in the VFX industry, we can produce eye-popping digital special effects shots for any medium. We create blockbuster visuals without costing you the earth – unless blowing up the Earth is an effect you want to create!

We’ve worked on hundreds of high-end projects in this field – from Music Videos, to TV Shows and Features. We cover most aspects of Post Production, with a particular focus on VISUAL EFFECTS (compositing, digital effects creation, shot fixes, matte painting and set extension) and MOTION GRAPHICS (Title design, editing and animated films). Here’s an overview of our services.

Compositing & Visual Effects

Visual Effects can take many forms. While most people think of the more bombastic type, like creating fantasy or sci-fi effects (which are certainly lots of fun), the reality is that an awful lot of visual effects work is spent doing invisible fixes to shots. To literally “fix it in post”.

We are well versed in both areas of visual effects and use many different tools to achieve the best results possible for your budget, in the most time-efficient way possible.

Examples of “visible” digital effects we can create include explosions, fire, liquids, smoke, blood etc. We also can create 3D CG models and insert them into shots.

“Invisible” digital effects we’ve created include things like object/people removal from shots, ¬†beauty work and blending multiple takes or shots together.

Motion Graphics

Animation and Motion Graphic Design is another big area for us.

With a comprehensive array of powerful software tools – combined with more than a little artistic flair! – we craft beautiful moving graphics in both 2D and 3D.

From Title Sequences and branding idents, to standalone animations and informational graphics, we’ll sear some eyeballs on your behalf!

Here’s our Motion graphics showreel

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