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Trapcode Experiments: Form Galaxy II

A second test using the new OBJ import functionality of Trapcode Form 2.

I created the galaxy object using the “Spray Points” tool in Lightwave, painting them into the rough shape of a galaxy. I then applied a vortex deform to it, to further twist it into the right shape.

This object was then brought into After Effects as an OBJ and I layered a couple of instances of Form to create the richness of the stars. I also used a luminance-tracked version of it with Video Copilot Optical Flares for the bigger stars, seen as you move in closer (as well the hot central star/singularity in the centre). The luminance tracking is a little bit glitchy in places and the stars pop a bit, here and there. For the next version, I’ll probably replace the luminance-tracked lenseflares with ones tracking lights instead.

There’s some fractal-noise-derived nebula objects in there too, to add to the overall texture of the piece. I’ve used Trapcode Horizon for some distant ones, along with some basic masked 3D planes.

You can download the project file here.

Third party plugins used:
Trapcode Form, Lux
Video Copilot Optical Flares

Soundtrack by Nest – “Cad Goddeu (Revised)”

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